Imbolc Workshop, 5 february 2024

Join us this Saint Brigit’s Day for a unique workshop exploring the traditions of Imbolc. Hosted between Waterford and New Ross on Monday, 5th February, from 2 pm to 4 pm, this workshop promises a blend of storytelling, journaling and hands-on crafting. Delve into the lore of Saint Brigit with Baya Salmon-Hawk‘s captivating storytelling and […]

Conscious Crafting to Connect and Create

In collaboration with The Friendship Café, Conscious Crafting is pleased to announce its weekly Art Journal Workshops, designed for individuals of all skill levels who wish to improve self-knowledge through the means of creativity. These workshops are suitable for beginners as well as those seeking a comfortable environment to express themselves artistically. Workshop Structure and […]

A holistic Exploration of Creativity and Well-being

Crafting transcends a mere pastime; it’s a purposeful journey towards well-being. In a world marked by constant hustle, Conscious Crafting offers a unique blend of creativity, self-discovery and positive exploration. Understanding Conscious Crafting At its core, Conscious Crafting revolves around engaging mindfully in creative activities. It is more than just the act of creation, serving […]

Turning Trash to Treasure: Upcycling old Magazines

Every discarded item holds the promise of a second chapter, and each reused material diminishes our carbon footprint. Old magazines, brimming with vibrant pages and colourful adverts are not just remnants of the past; they can be the paint for our future conscious craft creations. By repurposing them, we not only curb our environmental impact […]

The Symbolic Elegance of Clear Glass Bottles: Crafting with Transparency and Timelessness

The clear glass bottle: it’s an object we often encounter, perhaps in the form of a discarded soda bottle or an old perfume vessel. Yet, beneath its everyday appearance lies a world of symbolism. Transparent, it has long stood as a testament to purity, clarity, and truth. It’s a bridge between the present and the […]

four Elements Conscious Craft workshops in Waterford this August

We are excited to announce a series of four enchanting workshops that will take you on a transformative journey of self-reflection, creativity, and inspiration. Embrace the four elements – Air, Water, Earth, and Fire – as we delve into the realms of dreams, introspection, ancestry, and passion. Each workshop promises to be a unique and […]