Clearing out? Please give us any of these!

The 5 Rs of waste management — Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot — inspire many of our workshops. We believe that by applying these principles, we can all make a big difference in keeping our planet clean and healthy. That’s where our community comes in. We’re looking for donations of items you might no longer need. Things like old toys, broken decorations, or even tiny shampoo bottles from hotels can find a new purpose in our crafting workshops.

These donations don’t just help us; they keep our workshop costs low, making it easier for more organisations and individuals to benefit. Plus, they give us a wide variety of materials to spark creativity and innovation in our projects, as well as make people shift awareness towards “trash”. Your unwanted items could be the star of our next workshop, helping others learn how to live more sustainably and creatively. So, before you throw something out, think of us. We are happy to collect any amount over a shopping bag and we have a drop off point in Waterford City.

Time for new decorations?

Christmas baubles
Christmas tinsel
Christmas decorations (small)
broken string lights
candle stumps
paper napkins
picture frames
wall art
aquarium decor
plastic flowers
broken clocks
lamp shades

Clearing out your office?

cds and dvds
hard cover books
paperback books
maps & atlases
ticket stubs
postage stamps
sheet music
wrapping paper

Clearing out your kitchen?

clear glass bottles
small plastic containers
clean tin cans
vegetable netting
bottle caps and lids
broken coloured glass
storage tins
coffee capsules

Clearing out your Kids’ Room?

incomplete games
broken plastic toys with small parts
puzzle pieces
lego bricks
game tokens and dice
action figure parts

Clearing out Craft Supplies?

scrapbook embellishments
beads and sequins
ribbon and lace scraps
broken coloured tiles
thread and yarn
string and rope
dried flowers and leaves
washi tape
metallic foil
bubble wrap
coloured paper
unfinished craft projects

Clearing out your closet & bathroom?

bright coloured t-shirts
broken jewelery
colourful clean lonely socks
rough sponges
little empty bottles and containers (such as hotel shampoo etc.)
pill bottles

Clearing out your garage?

spray paint
wood scraps
nails, screws, washers etc.
wires and cables
ping pong balls
broken blow up toys
rope and string
old keys

Not sure? Ask us, but the rule of thumb is; that as long as it’s clean, light, easy to transport, and won’t offend anyone we will most likely have a purpose for it!