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Tailored Workshops for Every festival

As a festival organiser, you understand the importance of curating diverse and engaging experiences that resonate with your audience. Our Conscious Crafting workshops offer a unique element to your festival, providing attendees with a meaningful and enriching activity. We have designed a range of workshops tailored to fit various festival themes and settings, from food […]

Clearing out? Please give us any of these!

The 5 Rs of waste management — Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot — inspire many of our workshops. We believe that by applying these principles, we can all make a big difference in keeping our planet clean and healthy. That’s where our community comes in. We’re looking for donations of items you might no […]

A holistic Exploration of Creativity and Well-being

Crafting transcends a mere pastime; it’s a purposeful journey towards well-being. In a world marked by constant hustle, Conscious Crafting offers a unique blend of creativity, self-discovery and positive exploration. Understanding Conscious Crafting At its core, Conscious Crafting revolves around engaging mindfully in creative activities. It is more than just the act of creation, serving […]