Inviting Coaches to Connect, Collaborate and Create

Attracting new clients and introducing them to your coaching process can be challenging. Conscious Crafting believes in the power of combining coaching and self-reflection with arts and crafts to create a more impactful and engaging experience. A DIY Conscious Crafting kit is designed to help clients process feelings, understand concepts and work through principles more effectively than traditional explanations alone. By collaborating with coaches in niches such as financial abundance, grief, leadership and many more, we create unique kits that can serve as a lead magnet, a powerful entry-level tool or a valuable upsell opportunity.

The powerful Combo of Coaching and Crafting

Crafting and visual arts offer a unique way to engage clients beyond traditional methods. The benefits include:

Mindfulness: a meditative process that enhances focus and presence (busy hands can’t grab the phone).
Self-reflection: hands-on activities that encourage introspection.
Stress reduction: therapeutic exercises that promote relaxation.
Confidence building: accomplishing creative tasks boosts self-esteem.
Well-being: creating something tangible has been proven to release endorphins.

When these benefits are used to introduce coaching, new or potential clients experience a holistic approach that complements intellectual and emotional growth.

Benefits of Collaboration

for Coaches

Added value: offer clients a unique, creative tool that introduces coaching sessions.
Time efficiency: introduce basic concepts repeatedly without spending additional 1 on 1 time with new clients.
Market differentiation: stand out by offering a different and more engaging way to on board new clients
Scalable offering: kits can be sold repeatedly, providing a steady revenue stream.

for Clients

Holistic experience: engage in a rounded approach that integrates intellectual and emotional growth.
Personal insight: use crafting to process and reflect on emotions and concepts.
Continued engagement: benefit from ongoing learning and development between coaching sessions.

Development process of DIY kits

Concept Development

We work with coaches to design one or more kit tailored to their specific coaching methodology or intro sessions. We will have a one-to-one brainstorm session about the essence that needs to be conveyed. We will then propose the art or craft best suited and how the project will look like. After approval and testing the elements a digital download or optional a physical kit will be developed. Marketing material to share on social media will be the final step of the project, and depending on the arrangement can be branded with both or just your branding.

Typical kit Components

  • A guided meditation sound file
  • Journaling questions or assignments
  • Basic craft supplies or a list of what to buy
  • A step-by-step guide for the craft project
  • Reflection questions for after the craft
  • Optional offers to join a support group or higher ticket coaching plans

Example Collaborations

Grief Coaching

For coaches helping clients deal with grief, especially specific losses like losing a child, friend, or partner, we can create kits that include reflective journaling prompts and crafts designed to help process and express emotions.

financial Coaching

Financial coaches can use kits that explore different financial archetypes for example. Each kit introduces core concepts through creative exercises, helping clients understand the basics of their financial behaviours and beliefs.

Animal Communication

For animal communicators, kits can deepen the understanding of particular animals, incorporating crafting activities that foster a stronger connection and insight.


Numerology coaches can benefit from kits that explain the essence of specific numbers, perhaps derived first in a quiz (exceptional SEO tool!), providing a creative introduction before delving into more complex teachings.

Pricing Model options

Lead Magnet with Upsell
  • Free kit
  • Profit share on subsequent purchases or coaching plans
Direct Sales with Profit Sharing
  • Fixed price per kit
  • Smaller profit share on subsequent purchases or coaching plans
Subscription Model
  • Monthly subscription for new kits.
  • Profit share on subscription revenue

Next Steps: Reaching Out and Promotion

Integrating DIY crafting kits with coaching practices offers unparalleled benefits for both coaches and clients. By leveraging the power of conscious crafting, coaches can create a holistic, engaging, and transformative introduction experience. If you’re a coach looking to enhance your lead funnel or onboarding process, consider partnering with Conscious Crafting to create unique kits that will resonate with your clients and support their growth.
Let’s connect, create, and transform together! 
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