Tailored Workshops for Every festival

As a festival organiser, you understand the importance of curating diverse and engaging experiences that resonate with your audience. Our Conscious Crafting workshops offer a unique element to your festival, providing attendees with a meaningful and enriching activity. We have designed a range of workshops tailored to fit various festival themes and settings, from food festivals to mindfulness events, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for your festival’s atmosphere.

Our Workshop formats

We offer two flexible formats to suit your festival’s scale and setting:

Full Workshops

Held in a designated space with access to necessary resources, these are ideal for an immersive experience. They last at least 2 hours and cater to 10-12 participants, providing an in-depth exploration of crafting.

Pop-Up Craft Sessions

These are perfect for festivals with open spaces where attendees can join at any time. Lasting about 30 minutes on average, they offer a quick and engaging crafting experience for participants on the go, typically set up as market stall with a few work spaces.

festival Types and Workshop Suggestions

Food Festivals

Full Workshop: Layer Cake – A monoprinting and collage workshop that celebrates culinary arts, perfect for food enthusiasts.
Pop-Up Session: Treat or Treasure – Transform oyster shells into delightful trinket trays, a quick craft that festival-goers can enjoy between tastings.


Music and Performance Arts Festivals

Full Workshop: Vibrant Vortex – Tailored to the artistic theme of the festival, encouraging participants to create dynamic artworks.
Pop-Up Session: Sing Our Own Song – Allows participants to create simple speakers from Pringle cans, enhancing their musical festival experience.

Mindfulness and Wellness Festivals

Full Workshop: Rock Talk – Participants create mandalas on stones, a meditative craft that fits beautifully into the tranquil atmosphere of wellness festivals.


Mental Health Awareness Events

Both Formats: Packed with Positivity – Focuses on creating personalized positive affirmations, suitable for both deep engagement and quicker interactions.


Environmental or Sustainability Fairs

Both Formats: Coral Craft – Turn recycled materials into coral structures, highlighting environmental responsibility through collaborative crafting.


Community Cultural Celebrations

Tailor-made workshops that reflect the unique cultural narratives and traditions of the community, enhancing cultural appreciation.


Literary Festivals

Full Workshop: Keepsake; – Transform unwanted books into decorative and useful book boxes.
Pop-Up Session: Page Poetry – Invite participants to create spontaneous poetry from book pages.


Craft Fairs

Showcase unique crafting techniques such as macramé bracelets and Rock Talk painting mandala stones, offering hands-on learning experiences.


Irish Pagan Celebrations

Workshops that bring Celtic knots and local cultural themes to life, crafted in collaboration with festival organisers to ensure authenticity.


Spiritual Events

Workshops like Chakra Art and Rock Talk mandala stone painting cater to spiritual enrichment, with quick pop-up sessions offering positive affirmations and simple mandalas.

Marketing and Collaboration

We collaborate closely with festival organisers to ensure our workshops are a seamless fit. We provide descriptions and marketing materials that can be used to promote the festival, alongside our own marketing efforts which highlight our presence at the event, adding value and exposure.

Overcoming Challenges

One challenge has been ensuring our pop-up workshops appeal to adults as well as children. While the quick nature of pop-ups doesn’t always allow for deep meditation, they serve as a great introduction to Conscious Crafting. We use these opportunities to engage adults in creative play and introduce them to more in-depth workshops.


Logistical Considerations

Whether it’s a quiet, meditative space or a bustling market stall setup, we adapt our workshops to your festival’s environment. Practical considerations such as the availability of water, electricity, and shelter are all factored into our planning to ensure a smooth, enjoyable crafting experience.


future Plans

We are continually looking to adapt and expand our workshops to align with new festival themes and emerging trends. By staying flexible and responsive to opportunities, we ensure our workshops remain relevant and engaging for all participants.

If you’re looking to add a unique, hands-on crafting experience to your festival, consider Conscious Crafting. We promise not only to enrich your festival’s offering but also to provide a memorable experience that attendees will cherish.

Contact us now to enquire about possibilities for your event.