Become a Conscious Crafting facilitator

Are you passionate about promoting positive mental health and well-being? Do you believe in the transformative power of play and self-expression in a supportive environment? If your heart says “yes,” then it’s time to step forward and become a Conscious Crafting Facilitator. We’re looking for inspiring individuals to lead workshops that go beyond traditional crafting, focusing on nurturing mental health and building a community of like-minded souls.

Why Join Us as a Conscious Crafting facilitator?

Conscious Crafting workshops are more than just about making things; they’re about creating moments of joy, relaxation, and connection. As a facilitator, you will guide participants through activities designed not only to teach new skills but also to enhance mental well-being and personal growth. Here’s what you’ll bring into the lives of participants:

Encourage Play and Creativity

Help participants rediscover the joy of play and creativity, essential elements for mental health that are often neglected in adulthood.

Foster a Safe, Supportive Space

Create a welcoming environment where mostly women can feel safe to express themselves, try new things, and share personal insights without judgment.

Promote Well-being through Self-expression

Use art and crafting as tools for self-expression and emotional exploration, helping participants to unwind and find peace in their creations.

What Does a Workshop Involve?

You will receive training and support before running your own first workshop. The workshop material is available for you before the workshop and the craft material is all provided in handy crates. Each workshop is a carefully curated experience that includes:

Guided Meditation

Start sessions with meditation to set a calming tone, helping participants to center themselves and open up to the creative process.

Playful Crafting Activities

Introduce simple, enjoyable crafting activities that encourage playfulness and experimentation, designed for any skill level and focusing on the process over perfection.

Reflective Journaling and Group Discussion

Facilitate journaling and discussions that allow participants to reflect on their experiences and share insights in a supportive group setting.

Who We are Looking for

We are searching for facilitators who are:

Advocates for Mental Health

Passionate about mental health, eager to promote well-being through creative expression.

Great Communicators

Skilled in guiding discussions and activities in a way that everyone feels heard and valued.

Empathetic and Inclusive

Able to nurture a space where all participants feel safe and encouraged to explore their creativity.

how to Join Our Team

Being a Conscious Crafting Facilitator is about more than just leading a workshop; it’s about inspiring change, promoting mental health, and providing a sanctuary where participants can freely explore their creativity.

Ready to make a difference? Join us and let’s create safe, playful spaces together!