Volunteering with Conscious Crafting Contributing to mental health and sustainability in the community

The Conscious Crafting mission centers around fostering mental well-being through engaging workshops where we use art and craft techniques to bring self-awareness, joy and connection to participants of all ages.

We are currently seeking dedicated volunteers to support us in this meaningful endeavor. We invite individuals in any part of Ireland but mostly Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Carlow and Kerry who are passionate about mental health and / or creativity to join us in providing assistance during workshops as well as helping with the compiling, collection, sorting and cleaning of materials used in our sessions.

The Role of Volunteers

Volunteers at Conscious Crafting play a crucial role in supporting the mental well-being initiatives at the heart of our workshops. The primary focus is on providing hands-on and encouragement during sessions. Specifically if we have special needs participants who require some additional help, ensuring all participants have a positive and enriching experience.


Additionally, volunteers could contribute to the delivery, collection, sorting and cleaning of materials, as we work with natural and recycled materials. This could be to go to the beach and collect shells as well as picking up a bag of newspaper in the area. The workshop boxes need to be taken to the venues and some of our facilitators do not have own transport making additional support in this area very welcome. We require examples of crafts and pictures of the process, so there is plenty to be part of!

Learning and Development

Volunteers gain more than the satisfaction of contributing to a positive experience. They are exposed to our unique methodology, offering insight into mindfulness and mental health practices. For those interested, the opportunity to progress into becoming workshop facilitators themselves can be discussed, fostering both personal and professional growth.

Community Engagement

Volunteering with Conscious Crafting is a community-focused activity. By actively participating in our workshop support and material preparation, volunteers engage with local communities, fostering connections and promoting mental health awareness. The additional support from volunteers in social media engagement (volunteers will be guided as to what and how this works) is also very much needed.

Special Events and Needs

Our need for volunteers becomes even more essential during events like festivals or when working with large groups. Here, the support of volunteers ensures the smooth conduct of these important events, amplifying our impact on mental health awareness, but also to engage with interested parties to increase our brand awareness and network.

how to Get Involved

Your contribution, skills, and time are invaluable to us. Prospective volunteers can fill out our application form. There’s flexibility in terms of roles and time commitment, allowing volunteers to choose how they wish to contribute. If volunteers are needed, we will announce this on our whatsapp group and if this suits, you are invited to help us and receive details of the event. Together, we can make a positive impact on mental health, one workshop at a time.

Fill in our form if any of this speaks to you!