Lesson 5 – Journaling


The journal is an essential part of the creative concept that will inspire and get the mindset into the theme. The questions are intended to elevate the workshop from a plain craft club to an activity that changes the intention and vision to the conscious theme – and the thoughts while crafting to their own process.

The journaling questions are also intended to inspire, as many people would be defaulting to safe subjects – starting with faces and flags, to their own well known subjects. The objective is to push the boundaries of their creativity gently, or firmly depending on the group, by starting with an idea, rather than the paint or material and work from there. Starting with a concept is the key difference between meaningful art (conveying a feeling, idea, process or concept) and skillful craft (aimed to create a basket, picture or wall hanging as end result).

Indicate time, warning
Indicate exact area for writing

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