Lesson 4 – Guided Meditation


There are two options for the mediation, one to play the meditation from the speaker or secondly to read it out loud.

Reading out
In large spaces (bigger than a double standard living room), or when working with elderly, mentally challenged or those with hearing challenges, it is strongly advisable to read the meditation out loud rather than playing the sound file. You will be able to connect with the group in a more personal way and raise your voice if needed. If you opt to read the meditation out loud, ensure to read it out loud at least once to avoid tripping over unexpected words.

Playing sound file
Practice a few times with the speaker and the meditation if you prefer to play the meditation from the sound file. The recording is always a bit softer than the music, so be aware when switching back to music not to blast everybody out of their calm state after the mediation.

The meditation is always accesible from the QR code on the back of the journal sheet as well as from the meditation page. There is one generic creative workshop meditation recording, with as theme creativity, that can always be used in case of emergency.

People do not have to join the meditation if they don’t want to, but can leave their eyes open and quietly wait until it’s done.


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