Transformative Travels Workshop

While exploring the theme of transformation through a creative and reflective process, participants will create a symbolic piece of art that represents their personal journey of change and growth. For those with limited dexterity some adjustments need to be made. This will be in two sessions of 2 hours long, and all materials are provided.

I spread my wings and welcome new beginnings
with confidence and joy.

Journey of Transformation

The workshop will incorporate a conscious theme of Transformation, introduced through a guided meditation at the beginning of each session. This theme will encourage participants to reflect on their personal journeys, both physical and metaphorical, and the challenges and rewards associated with change. Journalling their reflections and optional sharing at the end of the workshop will deepen their engagement with the theme.

Crafting with Purpose

Participants will use old maps and collage materials to create a butterfly, symbolising transformation. The butterfly will be designed to fly out of a matchbox-style box, powered by a spring mechanism crafted from metal wire. Techniques such as crafting, cutting, and collage will be demonstrated. This workshop is suited for those with no creative experience, fostering a positive attitude towards the creative process. Guidance will be provided step-by-step, encouraging personalisation of the artwork with individual insights and flair.

A Unique Personal Creation

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a Wound-Up Butterfly in a Matchbox. This piece of art will not only serve as a unique creation but also as a reminder of the meaningful experience and the theme of transformation. The butterfly’s emergence from the box symbolises breaking free from constraints and embracing the journey of change.

Workshop info

Workshop code: BL06
Conscious theme: Transformation
Crafting, cutting, collage
Wound up Butterfly in matchbox
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easy going


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