Turning Trash to Treasure: Upcycling old Magazines

Every discarded item holds the promise of a second chapter, and each reused material diminishes our carbon footprint. Old magazines, brimming with vibrant pages and colourful adverts are not just remnants of the past; they can be the paint for our future conscious craft creations. By repurposing them, we not only curb our environmental impact but also embark on a creative odyssey that nourishes our soul.

Upcycling Workshops with Conscious Crafting: Crafting Positive Mental Well-being

At Conscious Crafting, we have unearthed the boundless potential of old magazines. Our workshops are meticulously crafted around themes of positive mental health, often intertwining with recycled materials as in the examples below.

Packed with Positivity

Delve into the “I am Enough, I am Loved, I am Amazing!” workshop where the transformative power of mixed media craft converges with uplifting affirmations. Combining monoprinting with collage techniques, participants produce stunning affirmation cards that are as visually alluring as they are emotionally resonant.

Manifeast Workshop

Dream of a more radiant future in our “Imagine Your Best Life” workshop. Construct a vision board, a symbolic collage encapsulating hopes and aspirations, and partake in the profound act of scripting to bring them to fruition.

hoT & Spicy Creations

Embrace life’s spectrum in our “Hot & Spicy” workshop. Through magazine collage, participants sculpt a symbolic tribute to life’s challenges and equilibriums, culminating in a conscious craft that narrates tales of life’s highs and lows.

Conscious Magazine Crafts inspiration

Decorative Bowls

Tear up old magazine pages into strips, roll them into tubes, and secure them concentrically to fashion striking decorative bowls.

Beaded Jewellery

Coil magazine pages into tight beads, thread them together, and assemble distinctive necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.

Wall Art

Handpick pages with your preferred images or colour palettes. Slice into shapes or strips and orchestrate a mosaic or patterned design on canvas.

help Conscious Crafting turn Pages into Conscious Crafts!

We’re in eager pursuit of more materials to bring these workshops to life. If you have old magazines, particularly in the realms of travel, lifestyle, food, or interior, or other paper paraphernalia like maps, junk mail, newspapers, and picture books, they might be metamorphosed into the next evocative piece of conscious craft.

We would be very grateful for your old magazines and paper items and become a part of this eco-conscious movement. For collections in and around Waterford, do WhatsApp Suzan on 083 3260767 to arrange Monday evening pick-ups.