Rooted in Stability

This Chakra Artistry workshop is designed for individuals interested in exploring the root chakra through creative expression. The workshop consists of a single session which forms part of the series Chakra Art. In this session, participants will craft the root chakra symbol using paper pulp in shades of red, creating a 3D relief. Each session is 2 hours long, and all materials are provided.

I am grounded, Safe and Secure.
I trust the Process of life and feel Deeply rooTed in who I am.

Setting the Stage

The workshop will incorporate a conscious theme of grounding and stability, initiated with a guided meditation at the outset. Accompanied by chakra healing music and the use of a specialized chakra healing oil blend, participants will immerse themselves in an atmosphere conducive to introspection and creativity. This holistic approach invites participants to engage deeply with the root chakra’s themes of security and connection to the earth.

Crafting with Intention

In the workshop, participants will learn the technique of sculpting with paper pulp to achieve a 3D relief of the root chakra symbol. This process is accessible to all, regardless of prior artistic experience. Rather than an art class, the session offers step-by-step guidance, encouraging individuals to infuse their artwork with personal insights and creative interpretation.

a Lasting Reflection

By the workshop’s conclusion, participants will have created a unique and personal artwork – a tangible representation of their journey through the root chakra exploration. This creation serves not only as a decorative piece but also as a reminder of the profound experience of grounding and stability. Participants are invited to reflect on their artwork, supported by a positive affirmation of their journey towards balance and connection.

This workshop is part of the full 8 session series of Chakra Art workshops. The next session is the Sacral Chakra Workshop in a continuation of our exploration of energy centers and artistic expression.

Workshop info

Workshop code: CH01
Conscious theme: grounding and stability
3D relief sculpting
root chakra symbol on canvas
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Type of workshop:
deep self-reflection
retreat add-on


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