Workshops Series

This overview of workshops is currently available for booking. These workshops would suit youth groups, retreats, vulnerable and healing adults, emigrants with limited English as well as anyone who just loves to learn a different way to connect or reconnect with their creativity. Even suited for team building, business networks, birthday parties, date nights and hens’ parties! Just chat to Suzan and she can also adjust or create bespoke workshops for your unique audience and requirements.

Generic Workshops Overview

This page provides a clear overview of the different types of workshops we offer. It includes straightforward descriptions of the typical workshops available, helping you decide which ones meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to develop new skills or explore new hobbies. Each section below outlines the focus areas, key skills covered, and intended outcomes of the workshops.

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All the Colours of the Rainbow and Then soMe

Conscious Crafting is using a set of 12 colours as a base. In this series, we explore the symbolic meaning of each colour separately. The techniques and material vary as much as the colours themselves. Have a look what workshops were inspired by brown, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, pink, white, grey and black! They can all be done as stand alone workshops and may suit different audiences. 

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four ElemenTs Workshops

This page provides an overview of the Four Elements workshops. These workshops explore the basic elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Each section explains how these elements are integrated into the workshops, the skills and insights participants can gain, and how this knowledge can be applied in both personal and creative contexts.

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Beach Bounty Workshops

These Beach Bounty workshops offer a variety of activities and crafts that bring the essence of the seaside to your personal and creative life. Whether you are looking to develop new skills, explore creative hobbies, or deepen your connection to the coastal environment, there is a workshop to suit your needs.

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A Bugs’ Life Workshops

This page provides an overview of the A Bug’s Life workshops. These workshops focus on exploring the fascinating world of insects and other small creatures. Each workshop is dedicated to a different insect, offering unique activities related to that particular species.

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