Spiral back into Control

This workshop, “Vibrant Vortex” is designed for individuals who want to, or should tap into their inner power and express themselves through art. Over the course of two sessions, participants will a mixed media technique of creating a spiral design using shredded waste paper, acrylic paint, and PVA glue on canvas. They will explore vibrant and strong colours in the red/ orange/ yellow family which is associated with fire and energy.

I am a powerful creative being. I embrace my inner strength and unleash my creative energy with passion and purpose.

Tap into your inner Strength

The workshop will incorporate a conscious theme of harnessing and channeling personal energy to address areas in life that need it. Taking back power and responsibility can be daunting but we will build inner strength. This theme will be brought into the space with a guided meditation at the beginning of each session. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own power and energy and explore its potential through journaling and optional sharing at the end of the workshop.

Mixing the media

In the workshop, participants will learn how to use shredded waste paper, acrylic paint, and PVA glue to mold a spiral design on canvas. They will be guided step-by-step through the process, from creating the goop mixture to shaping the spiral. Participants will also explore colour theory and apply vibrant and strong colours in the red / orange / yellow family to their artwork. Optional gold accents can be added for additional visual appeal and shimmer.

Powerful Reminder

At the end of the workshop, participants will have their own unique canvas artwork featuring a textured spiral design filled with bright and powerful colours. This end result will serve not only as a beautiful and personal piece of art but also as a reminder of the skills they learned and the meaningful experience they had, symbolizing their inner power and energy.

Workshop info

Workshop code: FS03
Conscious theme: energy & power
mixed media (paper paste for modelling)
3D spiral artwork
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Type of workshop:
easy going
recycled materials
Suited for:
teens & young adults
limited dexterity
limited strength
limited hearing
limited language
mental health challenges