Sing my Own Song Workshop

The ‘Sing My Own Song Workshop’ welcomes individuals from all walks of life, offering a unique experience to explore the resonating power of music. Drawing inspiration primarily from their personal “best playlist,” participants, donning headphones, immerse themselves in their chosen melodies and rhythms, allowing the beats to inspire and guide their hands. The workshop champions the principles of sustainability by blending the allure of music with the use of recycled materials, creating a harmonious symphony of creativity and environmental consciousness. This enriching session is not solely for artists or those fluent in English; it transcends language and age, focusing instead on the universal language of music. Spread across two sessions or one single session, each lasting 2 hours, participants are provided with all necessary materials to embark on this unique journey.

A sound Start

With the healing power of music as its foundation, the workshop begins with a gentle guided meditation, setting the tone for introspection and creativity. Delving deep into their “best playlist,” participants express their musical experiences, not in notes or keys, but through abstract visuals like dots, spirals, and wavy lines. These visual interpretations eventually find their home on a Pringles tin, transforming it into an innovative speaker for phones. Beyond the hands-on activity, participants are given avenues to reflect on their relationship with music, documenting their introspections in a journal and optionally sharing their revelations with fellow participants.

Colourful Tunes

Throughout the workshop, participants get acquainted with crayons and watercolours, harnessing techniques like wax resist and watercolour blending. The Conscious Crafting workshop ethos underscores inclusivity and encouragement, ensuring everyone, regardless of their artistic background, feels welcomed and valued. Rather than a conventional art class, the sessions are avenues for self-expression, with facilitators providing step-by-step guidance and encouraging participants to weave their unique personal stories into their artwork.

Musical Echoes

Upon completion, participants proudly hold in their hands speakers crafted from Pringles cans — a tangible testament to their creative journey. These speakers are not mere art pieces; they echo the participants’ individual musical experiences, serving as lasting reminders of the therapeutic allure and universal resonance of music.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS09
Conscious theme: Tap into the healing power of music
Technique: Wax resist & watercolour
Project: Speakers from pringle cans
Fee: click here for pricing
Type of workshop:
recycled materials
single session option
Suited for:
kids (9+)
team building
bed ridden
limited conceptual skills
limited language
teens & young adults


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