UnlocK Your Inner Poet

The Page Poetry Workshop, also referred to as Black Out Poetry is developed with those individuals in mind that need to fall in love with words and writing a bit (more). That could be those learning English or those challenged with reading and writing in general. The workshop consists of two engaging sessions, each lasting 2 hours, during which participants will play around with words, lines and colours. This workshop is also very suitable as pop-up craft activity at events or to engage larger groups, bringing it down to just the first session.

Every page holds a hidden poem, revealing the beauty within the mundane

Distilling a Verse from Pages

The workshop will immerse participants in the world of page poetry, where words and letters take on new meanings. Through a guided meditation, participants will tap into their creativity, inspired to circle specific words on old book pages that resonate with them. From these chosen words, they will construct unique poems, reflecting their inner thoughts and emotions.

Transforming Words into Visual Art

In the second session, participants will elevate their poems into visual art pieces. Drawing inspiration from the arrangement of words on the page, they will write the words on wavy lines to create visually stunning representations of their poetry. Using pens and colour pencils they will design intricate compositions that marry the beauty of language with the aesthetics of art journaling and doodling.

Visual Verses

At the end of the workshop, participants will emerge with beautifully designed pages, showcasing their poems as works of art. These creations will serve as tangible reminders of the playful journey they embarked upon, delving into the depths of page poetry and uncovering the beauty of words and letters.

Workshop info


Workshop code: LL06
Conscious theme: words within
drawing and doodling
illustrated poem
Sessions: single session / 2 sessions
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Max participants:
up to 30
easy going


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