I am Enough, I am Loved, I am Amazing!

In this workshop, we will explore the world of mixed media art using monoprinting and collage techniques to create unique and meaningful pieces. Throughout the workshop, we’ll also focus on positive affirmations to help cultivate confidence and inspire creativity. By the end of the second session, you’ll have a collection of stunning affirmation cards that are truly one-of-a-kind.

I am Enough, I am Loved, I am Amazing!

Can you imagine?

Suited for retreats, womens’ groups, teens, and those working on mental health issues. People who are intrigued by mixed media and junk journals, as well as those keen to explore new creative directions in a non-judgemental and positive space may find this is the start of a new hobby.

Monoprinting & Collage

We’ll begin with monoprinting, a process that involves creating one-of-a-kind prints using a printing plate and various painting techniques. In the second session we will be using positive affirmations as the inspiration for our mini collages. We’ll cut out the affirmations and use them as the starting point for our compositions. Through the use of collage techniques, we’ll create unique and meaningful artwork based on these affirmations.

A personalised treasure

We will create a set of 16 affirmation cards that can be used in daily life, for instance to meditate with in the morning or journal about in the evening. By the end of the workshop, participants will have their own personal deck of cards to take home and use as a source of inspiration and motivation. These cards will be a tangible reminder of the affirmations and the creative process, and they can serve as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS04
Conscious theme: positive affirmations
gelliprinting & collage
personal affirmation cards
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Type of workshop:
easy going
recycled materials
single session option
retreat add-ons
Suited for:
kids (9+)
teens & young adults
limited dexterity
limited strength
limited hearing
mental health challenges
limited conceptual skills




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