Our Beehive Workshop

This “Our Beehive” workshop is designed for a diverse range of participants, from young children to adults, all drawn to immerse themselves in a collaborative artistic venture. The workshop comprises a single session where participants print sheets, cut hexagons, and piece them together. Our sessions span 2 hours, with all necessary materials provided.

Sweet Synergy

Initiating each session is a soft guided meditation focused on the theme “Collaborate and Thrive”. As this theme gently weaves its way into the atmosphere, participants are nudged towards introspection, particularly on their personal perceptions of collaboration and teamwork. Journal prompts will be provided, guiding them to reflect on their individual role within a larger ‘hive’. The act of sharing these reflections at the workshop’s close is optional but encouraged, fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all contributions.

That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees
Marcus Aurelius

Buzzing with Creativity

Within the workshop’s nurturing environment, participants will acquaint themselves with Gelli plate printing and collage. Harnessing materials like paper, acrylic paint, gelli plates, and bee-themed stencils, they will bring their visions to life. It’s worth noting that Conscious Crafting workshops cater to all, regardless of their creative history or skills. Rather than mirror a typical art class, participants receive step-by-step guidance, always being encouraged to intertwine their unique insights and ideas within their creations.

hiVe of Memories

As the workshop winds to a close, participants will have assembled a cardboard collage of hexagonal pieces. This collage not only stands as a visually pleasing work of art but also as a symbolic representation of their collective journey. Each hexagon, while unique, contributes to a greater whole, mirroring the essence of collaboration and serving as a gentle reminder of every individual’s valuable role in the collective ‘hive’.

Workshop info

Workshop code: BL02
Conscious theme: collaboration
gelliprinting and collage
creating a beehive with team members
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Type of workshop:
easy going
single session option
Suited for:
teens & young adults


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