Explore our proposal for the “Keepsake Workshop,” a unique journey where participants will upcycle old books into charming secret treasure boxes. Spanning two sessions, this workshop offers an immersive experience in the art of crafting and nostalgia.

Special moments are the pages of my life’s story
and with each keepsake, I celebrate the memories that reflect each chapter.

Memories are Treasures

At the heart of our workshop is the theme of treasuring memories. Each session begins with a serene guided meditation, inviting participants to reflect on the significance of memory preservation. Through engaging activities and optional sharing opportunities, we foster introspection and meaningful connections.

from Book to Box

Participants will learn intricate crafting techniques to repurpose old books into personalized treasure chests. From selecting the perfect book to mastering the use of glue, cutting tools, and decorative papers, we guide participants step-by-step through the process. Note; this workshop requires participants to be comfortable with box cutters (snap-off blades) and possess some strength and dexterity in their hands.

hidden Gems

By the workshop’s end, participants will have transformed old books into disguised treasure chests overflowing with cherished memories. These keepsakes, nestled discreetly among their collections, serve as tangible reminders of the workshop’s impact and the value of preserving memories.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS13
Conscious theme: treasures
cutting and glueing
treasure box made from old book
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Type of workshop:
recycled materials
Suited for:
teens & young adults