happY hippy Workshop

Over the course of two sessions, participants will learn how to create a bright and colourful boho rainbow dreamcatcher using macrame and wrapping techniques. This Happy Hippy workshop is designed for teens, neurodiverse, immigrants and the LGBTQ community, however anyone who should embrace the uniqueness of every individual, making this suited as team building and festival workshop also.

I can tell you, without diversity, creativity remains stagnant.
Edward Enninful

Rainbows and Unicorns

The workshop will incorporate a conscious theme of diversity, which will be brought into the space with a guided meditation at the beginning of each session. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on this theme through a worksheet at the start of the workshop, where shapes of the dreamcatcher hoops are a metaphor for personality, and different color strands or other materials relate to personal character traits. At the end, participants can choose to share their choice or opt to pass sharing their reflection.

Bringing scrap fabric back to life

In the workshop, participants will bend wire in the desired shape of a half moon, circle, heart or peace sign to create the dreamcatcher ring at the top. The strands hanging off the hoop are made from leftover bits of wool, scrap fabric, and macrame feathers. If chosen, they will learn the dreamcatcher weaving technique, as well as how to make macrame feathers. The rest of the workshop is essentially knotting, cutting, and wrapping.

Dreaming of a better world

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a bright and colourful boho rainbow dreamcatcher. This dreamcatcher will not only serve as a beautiful and unique piece of art but also a reminder of the skills they learned and the meaningful experience they had.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS10
Conscious theme: diversity
cutting & macrame
dream catcher
Sessions: single session / 2 sessions
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Max participants:
10 (contact us for more)
easy going


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