Leave your Worries behind

In this workshop, we will create pretty vintage-looking hot air balloons out of paper mâché and embellish them with paint and haberdashery. The idea is for everybody to imagine themselves floating away and leaving their worries and stress behind.

Sometimes, letting things go is a far greater act of power than defending or hanging on.
Eckart Tolle

Watch the Clouds

Anyone who could benefit from some creative expression and relaxation is welcome to join, including teens, adults, and seniors. No experience with art or craft is necessary. This workshop does strongly require the participants to join all three sessions.

Paper Mâché hot Air balloons

We will provide all the materials needed to make a paper mâché hot air balloon, including wall paper paste, balloons, newspaper, string, paint, and other embellishments. In the first session the balloon is created with the goopy substance and the workshop is very tactile, in the second one we paint the balloon in red, blue or green and in the last session we assemble and decorate with string, buttons and ribbon embellishments.

Dream Away

As you work on your balloon, imagine yourself floating away in your hot air balloon, leaving all your worries and stress behind. This is a great opportunity to de-stress and relax. When hanging the balloon in a room as decoration, it’s a further reminder to take a deep breath and be carried by a light summer breeze.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS08
Conscious theme: destress & relax
paper mache, paint, craft
hot air balloon
Sessions: 3 sessions
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Max participants:
10 (contact us for more)
easy going