Learn about Celtic Symbols and Create a Unique Souvenir

Specifically designed for visitors to the Copper Coast, this light and easy workshop introduces you to a basic symbolism of a few Celtic symbols and how to draw them. This is simple workshop that can be done in a smaller space or even in a pub or a bar, as long as there’s space to play. Depending on the venue, more senses can be included¬† such as visuals, smell and music intended to inspire and bring the experience to another level. Disclaimer; facilitator is not Irish, nor expert in Celtic Symbolism.

Experience Waterford

This workshop is specifically intended for tourists and visitors such as language students who might need a little downtime in the program or as alternative during in bad weather. It’s suitable for young and old, creative and not creative.

Simple drawing and Water Colours

You will be shown how to draw Celtic symbols with little tips and tricks and we will play around with a few of them. Once you are comfortable with drawing them, you will create a few on a nice background. The backgrounds will be created with a watercolour technique called wet-on-wet which means the paints and water will do their own magical thing and no skill is required to achieve remarkable patterns.

Workshop info

Workshop code: CC01
Conscious theme: celtic symbolism
watercolour & line drawings
celtic knot artwork on board
Sessions: single session / 2 sessions
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Max participants:
10 (contact us for more)
connected to local area