VictoRia Taylor

Victoria Taylor, known for her preference for “Victoria” over “Vicki,” has led a life marked by diversity and creativity. Born in Leeds, she spent her early years in Botswana before attending boarding school in North Yorkshire. Following university, she embarked on a journey through various Spanish-speaking countries before settling in Japan for two decades. Now back in the North of England, she brings a wealth of experiences to her current endeavours.

Victoria’s professional background is multifaceted. She holds a degree in Languages from Southampton University (1997) and a CELTA from the British Language Centre in Madrid (1999). Her educational journey also includes completing an online 30-day Mandala Practice and participating in the 100 Days Challenge twice, each time exploring different creative pursuits.

Presently, Victoria divides her time between working in a paint shop and teaching English online. Her past roles as a SEN teaching assistant and an end-of-life carer have equipped her with a deep understanding of human connection and compassion.

In her workshops, participants can expect to encounter Victoria’s trademark humour, enthusiasm, and encouragement. She strives to foster a nurturing environment where everyone feels supported and valued. Her primary goals for workshop attendees include fostering a sense of achievement, connection, and inner peace.

Victoria’s commitment to cultural sensitivity and inclusivity is evident in her practice. Having lived and worked in diverse cultural environments, she adeptly adjusts her language to ensure clear communication and understanding. Additionally, she actively engages in events promoting inclusivity, such as Pride celebrations.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Victoria enjoys exploring various crafts with her Craft Club, with a particular passion for Mandalas. She believes strongly in the transformative power of creativity to bring solace and healing.

One of Victoria’s favourite quotes, attributed to Neil Gaiman, is “Make Good Art“, reflecting her belief in the inherent value of all creative expressions, especially those that help individuals navigate challenging emotions.