Lesson 13 – Social Media & RepresenTation


  1. Start with the Positive affirmation of workshop. Please keep the same nice formatting for the quote at the top, put between “ “.

  2. Do not start with “facilitator” “venue” “the participants” or “day / date”.

  3. Start with interesting aspect, not something that can be applicable to any workshop, such as “they enjoyed the session” “the meditation was relaxing” or “looking forward to the next session”. Rather highlight a specific little event or comment relating to the mental shifts instead of the crafts.

  4. Incorporate the name of the workshop, venue / organisation, facilitator and amy volunteers.

  5. Include the handle of the organization and / or venue inside the paragraph. The organization is not always the same as the venue, this is a tricky one. Certain aim to tag the organization and venue, this means you may have to go search for their social media (like it while you are there).

  6. Link to the workshop page from the workshop name.

  7. End with hashtags, always written with capitals for the individual words of the hashtags for clarity.
    Company hashtags (always the same)
    Series hashtags (if part of series)
    Type hashtag (if anything special)
    Workshop hashtag


  1. Select 4 pictures from the workshop showing the process in sequential order. Select a variety of overview pictures, close ups and end result.

  2. Crop them square and ensure recognizable faces are cropped out. As we are dealing with mental health it’s CC policy to never show faces.

  3. On insta, for session 1 use the square SM image of the workshop.

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