Lesson 1 – ComponenTs

Standard Components and Material Organization

Workshop Sleeve

The workshop sleeve is a plastic envelope that includes essential printed materials for the workshop. It is one of the first items you should take out of the workshop box, clearly labeled with the name of the workshop. The sleeve typically contains:

  • Program: A double-sided printed sheet outlining the workshop’s structure, including session details and any specific instructions or materials needed.
  • Meditation: A QR code linking to the meditation sound recording and a printed version of the meditation script for facilitators who prefer to read it out loud.
  • Journals: A4 pages folded to A5, featuring the workshop name, a positive affirmation or quote, journal questions, reflection activities, and a QR code linking to the workshop’s experience page.
  • Other Materials: Templates, examples, or additional printed sheets necessary for the workshop.

Workshop Experience Page

Each workshop has an experience page accessible via a QR code on the journal or meditation print. This page includes:

  • Meditation Recording: Click to play the meditation directly or through a connected speaker.
  • Spotify Playlist: A specially curated playlist to complement the workshop’s conscious theme, often instrumental but occasionally with lyrics. Facilitators can access Conscious Crafting’s Spotify account if needed.

Workshop Material Box

The workshop material box contains all the specific materials needed for the workshop. The contents can vary widely and may include:

  • Crafting Materials: Items such as sand, glue, paint, stones, glitter, recycled materials, and more.
  • Tools: Necessary tools for the craft, as outlined in the program sheet.

Base Box

The base box is a smaller crate with standard items that are expected to remain at the venue. This box includes:

  • Basic Supplies: Glue, glue sticks, scissors, string, painting trays, brushes, and other essential items.
  • Inventory Check: Facilitators should check the base box after each workshop to ensure all items are present and not accidentally mixed with the workshop material box.

Extra Box

Extra boxes contain additional supplies that are too large to fit in the workshop material box or are needed for specific activities. Examples include:

  • Special Tools: Glue guns, jelly print plates, brayers, and extension cords.
  • Bulk Materials: Large quantities of magazines or other items required for certain crafts.