Workshop Sleeve & Prints

Sleeve with label
Workshop meditation
Workshop program
10 x Workshop journal sheets

Base Box

Base Box Tools

10 black pens
10 thin permanent markers
10 scissors
10 round cups
10 rectangle tubs with lids
10 paint mix trays
10 half sponges in netted bag
10 small brushes
10 wide brushes
10 big brushes
bundle lollipop sticks

Base Box Consumables

2 scented candles
10 glue sticks
roll of string
2 rolls toilet paper
2 rolls sticky tape
1 roll masking tape
ream of bond


Glue Gun Box

10 glue guns
2 extension cords
2 power strips
glue sticks

Gelliprint Box

10 gelliprint plates
10 brayers
20 stencils

Standard Workshop Box

Standard Workshop Tools

10 waterproof roller pens
10 box cutters
3 fabric scissors
3 pliers

Standard Workshop Consumables

water colour boxes
colour pencils
2 sharpeners
2 erasers
2HB pencils
12 tubes acrylic paint + gold & silver
roll of brown paper
wax crayons
riem of card stock
embellishments – buttons, string, ribbon
metal wire
PVA glue
A4 water colour paper
paper serviettes

Standard Trash

toilet rolls
bag of wool
scrap (collage) paper

Standard Natural

dried (incl. fern) leaves
oyster shells
semi-precious stones

Workshop Specific

Special workshop tools

thick needles

Special workshop consumables

ziplock bag coffee beans
white pillow cases
large foam or cardboard sheet (A2)
tiny round rubber feet
packet balloons
box with bits and bobs, foam, textured material
A4 coloured paper
A5 & A6 300 gsm
A6 frames

Special trash

stamping material
pringles tins
cups; small plastic pots, yoghurt tubs, paper coffee cups etc.
scrap fabric: brown – red – orange – yellow – green – turquoise – blue – purple – pink – white – grey
used teabags
used coffee grinds

Special natural

fresh leaves
flat round palm size stones
smooth small pebbles