Let’s create Art and improve Mental health

Workshops with this icon are making use of natural material such as sticks, leaves and shells.

Particularly developed with teens in mind or very suitable for teens and young adults.

Recycled material is the main tool, canvas or medium we are using. For example packaging material, old books and scrap fabric.

Particularly developed with teens in mind or very suitable for teens and young adults.

Typically this workshop is seasonal due to it’s theme or material, or is celebrating a specific event on the calendar.

Suitable for people with challenged dexterity such as shaking and arthritis.

A local connection can be made in this workshop, making it suited to incentive travel and private tourist.

Suitable for people with a limited command of the English Language, or specifically formulated with expansion of English vocabulary in mind.

In this workshop the end result is a communal piece of art, very suitable for team building and as group activity.

Suitable for people with limited cognitive skills, such as limited attention span or memory. Techniques applied will be simple and do not involve many steps.

This workshop is part of a series, but can be booked as separate workshop as well.

Suitable for people with a limited capacity for abstract thinking. This may include understanding metaphors, symbolism, or hypothetical scenarios.

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This overview of workshops is currently available for booking. These workshops would suit youth groups, retreats, vulnerable and healing adults, emigrants with limited English as well as anyone who just loves to learn a different way to connect or reconnect with their creativity. Even suited for team building, business networks, birthday parties, date nights and hens’ parties! Just chat to Suzan and she can also adjust or create bespoke workshops for your unique audience and requirements.

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