Map Your Life

Embark on a magical journey of self-reflection and creative exploration with the “Your Journey” workshop. This workshop is designed for kids, teens and anyone who loves magic and fantasy worlds. It is also suitable for those learning English who want to connect icons with words. Over the course of two sessions, participants will learn how to draw and create an aged paper map to represent their personal journey.

“I am capable of navigating through the highs and lows of my journey with resilience and grace, finding beauty and meaning in every step along the way.”

Come along for the ride

In this workshop, the conscious theme is your personal life journey. With the help of a guided meditation at the beginning of each session, participants will be transported into their own fantasy landscape to serve as inspiration for their map. The various items on the map will be symbolic of big events in life. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on this theme through journalling and optional sharing at the end of each session.

Simple line drawings

Participants will use sturdy A3 sheets of paper and pens to create their map. In session 1, we will be aging the paper with coffee or even a flame to create burned edges. After that, we will start journalling about life events and how we would depict them on the map. In session 2, we will throw a handful of beans on our paper, and create the outline of our land. Then, we will draw in the life event symbols to reflect our personal journey. No artistic skills are required, but participants will learn self-reflection and processing emotions related to big life events.

You are the treasure

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a unique and personalized A3 aged map with various items on the map indicating life events. This map will not only serve as a beautiful and meaningful piece of art, but also a reminder of the skills they learned and the personal journey they embarked on.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS11
Conscious theme: processing events
simple line drawings
treasure map
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Type of workshop:
easy going
deep self-reflection
single sessions
Suited for:
kids (9+)
adult / kid bonding
teens & young adults
business owner
bed ridden
limited dexterity
limited strength