This workshop is designed for individuals interested in exploring spiritual themes and deepening their intuitive awareness. The workshop consists of a single session in which participants will create the Third Eye Chakra symbol using a unique artistic technique. The artwork created in this workshop is part of a larger series of Chakra Art sessions, each focusing on different aspects of spiritual and energetic exploration, the next one being the crown chakra.

I trust my inTuition and inner Wisdom.
I see Clearly and am open to the insights the Universe provides.

Delving into InTuition

The workshop will incorporate a conscious theme of awakening intuition, introduced through a guided meditation at the beginning of the session. This meditation aims to create a contemplative atmosphere, allowing participants to connect with their inner wisdom and explore insights related to the Third Eye Chakra. Through journaling and optional sharing, participants are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and personal discoveries throughout the workshop.

Crafting the Third Eye Chakra Symbol

In the workshop, participants will learn to create the Third Eye Chakra symbol using glue, salt, and watercolour techniques. They will sprinkle salt onto glue designs to create a raised texture, symbolizing the awakening of spiritual perception. Surrounding the chakra symbol, participants will apply wet-on-wet watercolours, enhancing their artwork with vibrant colours and unique patterns created by patting with clingfilm. This process allows for individual expression and personalization of the artwork, guided step-by-step to ensure a positive and enriching experience.

Symbolic Artwork and Personal Reflection

By the end of the workshop, participants will have crafted their own interpretation of the Third Eye Chakra symbol. This artwork serves not only as a personal artistic achievement but also as a tangible reminder of the workshop’s exploration into intuition and spiritual awareness. It encapsulates the meaningful journey of self-reflection and creative expression undertaken during the session.

Participants will receive a small gemstone to symbolize their connection to the workshop’s themes, alongside access to a curated playlist and meditation guide for continued reflection. During the break, a small snack and an intriguing beverage inspired by the Third Eye Chakra will be provided, enhancing the overall experience of mind-body-spirit connection.

Workshop info

Workshop code: CH06
Conscious theme: Intuition
mixed media with glue, paint and salt
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Type of workshop:
deep self-reflection
retreat add-ons
Suited for:
limited strength
limited hearing
mental health challenges
limited dexterity



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