Without costing you an Arm and a Leg 

The first workshop of the Sea Creature series is an easy going, tactile and relaxing workshop rekindling the joy of working with clay. The workshop consists of two sessions where participants will sculpt and paint a starfish using air dry clay and acrylic paint. Each session lasts for 2 hours, and all materials are provided.

I have the strength and resilience to reinvent myself and grow.


fiNding Your Inner Sea Star

The workshop will incorporate a conscious theme of regenerating, reinventing, and finding a new role in life. This theme will be introduced through a guided meditation at the beginning of each session, helping participants to centre themselves and focus on the idea of renewal. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on this theme through journalling and optional sharing at the end of the workshop, fostering a deeper connection with the creative process.

Crafting with Purpose

In the workshop, participants will learn how to use air dry clay and acrylic paint to create and decorate starfish. The techniques explored include air dry clay sculpting and painting, ensuring that participants, regardless of their creative experience, can engage fully in the process. This is not an art class; instead, it is an opportunity for participants to be guided step-by-step, personalising their artwork with their own insights and ideas.

Creating Meaningful Art

At the end of the workshop, participants will have three hand-crafted starfish. These starfish will not only serve as unique personal pieces of art but also as reminders of the meaningful experience they had, symbolising the themes of regeneration and positive transformation.

Workshop info

Workshop code: SC01
Conscious theme: regenerating / reinventing / new role in life
air dry clay sculpting, painting
three starfish
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Type of workshop:

easy going
single session option
retreat add-ons
Suited for:
kids (9+)
teens & young adults
team building
business owners
bed ridden
limited strength
limited hearing
limited language
limited conceptual skills
mental health challenges


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