Rainbow Lining: Embracing Colour in the Shadows

This workshop, Rainbow Lining, invites participants on a journey of creative exploration that dives deep into the realms of artistic expression. Throughout two engaging sessions, each lasting 2 hours, participants will embark on a transformative artistic experience.

In the depths of darkness, I discover the vibrant hues of my own radiant palette.

Illuminating Shadows

The conscious theme of Rainbow Lining revolves around the discovery of positivity within the darkest of times. A guided meditation at the beginning of each session will set the tone for introspection and creative discovery. Through the process of crafting, participants will be encouraged to reflect on this theme, fostering a deeper connection to their artwork and personal experiences.

Unveiling the Magic

During Rainbow Lining, participants will learn the transformative art of creating intricate mandalas using simple materials such as paper plates, wax crayons or oil pastels, black paint, and bamboo skewers. The journey begins by covering the plate in vibrant wax crayons, symbolizing moments of joy and happiness. The subsequent step of painting the plate black represents embracing darkness. Finally, scratching away the layers of darkness reveals the hidden colours beneath, symbolising the positivity that emerges from adversity. This process serves as a powerful metaphor for resilience and growth.

Embracing the Light

At the conclusion of Rainbow Lining, participants will have crafted their own unique doodle mandalas. These creations will serve as tangible reminders of the journey undertaken, embodying symbols of hope and resilience. Through this experience, participants will come to realize that even in the darkest of times, there is always a rainbow of light waiting to be discovered.

Workshop info

Workshop code: FS12
Conscious theme: there is positive things to be found in the darkest of times.
colouring, painting, scratching
doodle mandala
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Type of workshop:
easy going
larger groups possible
Suited for:
bed ridden
limited dexterity
limited strength
limited hearing
limited language
limited conceptual skills
mental health challenges