Pure Perfection Workshop

The Pure Perfection workshop offers an artistic and reflective session suitable for participants of all ages and various mental health capacities. Spanning two 2-hour sessions, it provides a captivating blend of art-making and personal development. The workshop involves two distinct techniques, commencing with the creation of star patterns using glue and salt, followed by watercolour application. All necessary materials are provided, ensuring a complete and immersive experience.

I am a unique and intricate masterpiece, embracing the beauty of my individuality and the experiences that shaped me, radiating self-love and acceptance.

Star Patterns and Self-Reflection

In the first session, participants engage in creating star patterns with glue, covered subsequently with salt. After shaking off the salt, the resulting pattern serves as a metaphor for both perfection and imperfection, mirroring the unique and intricate design of snowflakes. Beginning with a guided meditation, the session invites participants to contemplate their perspectives on perfection. It emphasizes the beauty of individuality and the importance of embracing one’s unique traits and characteristics. Sharing at the end of the session is optional but encouraged, providing a platform for expressing personal insights.

Exploring Positivity Through Watercolours

The second session transitions to watercolour painting, where the fluid and spontaneous nature of the medium mirrors the theme of acceptance. The aim is to demonstrate how approaching life’s unexpected twists with a positive mindset can lead to personal growth and fulfillment. The watercolour session reinforces the concept of finding beauty in life’s imperfections and the continuous journey towards self-acceptance. Where possible, a discussion on resilience, acceptance, and maintaining a positive outlook on life is included.

A Symbolic Artwork of Personal Growth

At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant will have created a piece of art that not only possesses aesthetic appeal but also symbolises their journey towards understanding and embracing imperfection. The workshop’s theme, “Pure Perfection,” is approached through the lens of mental well-being, emphasising the value of recognising beauty and opportunity in imperfection.

Workshop info

Workshop code: FS10
Conscious theme: Imperfections
Draw, create relief, water colour
Art piece with snowflakes
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Type of workshop:
easy going
Suited for:
limited dexterity
limited strength
limited hearing
limited language
limited conceptual skills
mental health challenges


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