hot & Spicy Collage Creations

This workshop, titled “Hot & Spicy,” caters to a diverse range of participants, from children to adults seeking a social or self-reflective experience. The core objective is to channel the vibrant essence of life’s duality into a piece of art. The journey unfolds over either two 2-hour sessions, diving deep into the craft, or a succinct single session for a quicker, yet impactful, experience. In the first session, participants will explore the art of magazine collage, creating a composition that embodies the fiery passion and cool composure of life. In the second session, inspired by Monet’s style, they will use the ‘paint daubs’ technique to create an abstract and impressionistic representation of the same chillies. All materials will be provided; however, additional magazines are always welcome.

In the red heat of challenges and the cool moments of serenity,
I find balance, embracing the spicy spectrum of life.

fiery Passion, Cool Composure

With a conscious underpinning of the “Duality of Life,” each session kicks off with a grounding guided meditation. This meditation sets the tone, reminding participants of life’s ebb and flow, its moments of fiery passion and cool tranquillity. Throughout the workshop, as participants craft, they’ll be encouraged to connect with these themes, penning reflections in their journals and, if they so choose, sharing their sentiments as each session draws to a close.

The Alchemy of Upcycling

Delving into the world of magazine collage, participants will harness recycled materials like old magazines, artwork, and waste paper. While our Conscious Crafting workshops warmly welcome individuals from all creative backgrounds, the emphasis is not on the perfect result but the joy of the journey. In the second session, participants will further explore their creativity by painting in the style of Monet, using the ‘paint daubs’ technique to create an abstract and impressionistic representation of the chillies, capturing the essence of fiery passion and cool composure. This artistic extension allows participants to infuse their unique personal touch into their artwork and embrace the abstract elements representing the theme of duality.

Crafting Life’s Balance

By the end of the workshop, which consists of two separate sessions, participants will have created two distinct chilly artworks. In the first session, they’ll craft a captivating collage embodying the heat of challenges and the serenity of balance. In the second session, they’ll express their interpretation of duality through the ‘paint daubs’ technique, resulting in an abstract representation of the same chillies. These two pieces of art, one collage and one painting on board, will serve as tangible reflections of life’s dualities, with each piece reflecting the process.

Workshop info

Workshop code: FS02
Conscious theme: duality of life
magazine collage, paint
collage of two red chillies & canvas with 2 chillies.
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Type of workshop:
easy going
recycled materials
single session option
larger groups possible
Suited for:
teens & young adults
bed ridden
limited strength
limited hearing
limited language