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Silence Your inner Art critic And have fun instead

For some of us, back in school days, we weren’t able to achieve the standards of a traditional art lessons, or simply lacked confidence or creativity or actually even the joy in creating visual arts. But as long as you can write, as long as you can hold a pencil, you can create something that pleases the eye and possibly shows you aspects about yourself you had not expected.

You cannot use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
Maya Angelou

Are you not Creative?

The doodle workshop is specifically designed for people who really feel like creativity and drawing, painting or anything like that is the complete opposite of what they feel comfortable with. Participants be challenged in terms of what their mindset is about, and limiting self beliefs: that we’re not good at art. But because telling this yourselves for so long, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now we want to share the joy of creating something by putting pen on paper, and to show people they are creative and able to create. All senses are involved as visuals, scents and music are added to inspire and bring the experience to another level.

Landscape or a Seascape

In the end we are drawing a landscape or a seascape in a fairly simple, line drawn way. If there is enough time, this will be coloured in to give it more depth. In essence, the landscape or seascape is not something very recognizable and wouldn’t require any skill of of perfect drawing.


The technique we are using is doodling. It’s also referred to in the first session as Zentangles, and it’s doodling patterns. So we’re not even actually drawing anything recognizable. It is as simple repetition of similar shapes, lines and squiggles. Participants will be able to get an opportunity to play around before actually sitting down to the final piece of art. Too many people expect to create something amazing without any practice, however even professional artists have years of practice and still need trial sessions!

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