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header: a Magic Touch

This workshop, named A Magic Touch, is tailored for individuals eager to engage in a therapeutic and creative odyssey. Spanning two sessions, the workshop has been devised to offer participants the unique opportunity to craft both a tactile aromatic relaxation tool and a mesmerising visual delight. Each session is meticulously planned, lasting 2 hours, and all essential materials are generously supplied.

You cannot use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
Maya Angelou

a Touch of Tranquility

Opening with the resonant hues of purple, each session starts with a guided meditation, setting a serene tone. This mystical shade not only creates an ambiance but symbolises deep introspection. As they’re enveloped in this tranquil environment, participants are encouraged to capture their feelings and thoughts through journalling. Those willing are also given an opportunity to share their musings, allowing for collective reflection.

Basics, Balloons, and Bubbling Globes

In the first session, participants acquaint themselves with various natural fillings, aromatic essential oils, and the techniques required to craft a scented stress ball. All are encouraged to participate, regardless of artistic proficiency. Instead of a traditional art class, A Magic Touch is truly an experiential journey. Detailed step-by-step instructions will guide participants, yet ample room is left for personal nuances and creativity.

The second session ushers in a visual delight as participants transition from touch to sight. Here, they embark on the creation of a calming “snowglobe” nestled within a clear, sturdy jar. Armed with essential materials like distilled water, glycerin to give the ‘snow’ its gentle fall, glitter or synthetic snow for that wintry shimmer, and small waterproof figurines or decorative items, participants craft their centrepiece for the globe. The crafting process involves filling the jar with water, adding glycerin for viscosity, sprinkling in their choice of glitter or snow, positioning the decorative centrepiece, and then sealing the jar securely, ensuring a watertight finish. This crafted globe stands as a testament to the serenity and calm they’ve cultivated throughout the workshop.

Crafted Keepsakes

By the close of the workshop, participants will have in their possession two bespoke items: a scented stress ball and a captivating snowglobe. These are not mere artefacts but symbols of their journey through A Magic Touch. Through the act of creation and the embrace of the colour purple’s tranquil essence, each participant will have experienced moments of calm, introspection, and artistic expression.

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