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Salt Serenity

This single-session workshop is tailored for those seeking a dose of tranquility and introspection in a community setting. In just 2 hours, participants will delve into the healing and symbolic depths of saltwater through guided meditation, reflective journaling, and a therapeutic art process.

You cannot use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
Maya Angelou

Dive into Serenity

Experience a guided meditation that sets the stage for a tranquil exploration of the therapeutic nature of saltwater. This brief yet calming exercise invites participants to unwind and connect with the session’s overarching theme.

Reflective Journaling

Following the meditation, participants engage in reflective journaling, delving into the symbolic meaning of saltwater. This straightforward yet profound activity encourages personal exploration and prepares participants for the artistic process.

Therapeutic Art

The heart of the session lies in the therapeutic art process using watercolours and salt. No prior artistic skills are required; the emphasis is on the process, allowing participants to bring their reflections to life in a tangible and meaningful way.

Takeaway Serenity

As the session concludes, participants leave not just with a piece of art but with a sense of calm and connection to the symbolic power of saltwater. It’s a unique and impactful experience designed to resonate in their minds long after the workshop concludes.

Workshop info

Workshop code: FS06
Conscious theme: healing salt water
watercolour & salt
watercolour wave artwork
Type of workshop:
easy going
connected to local area
retreat add-ons
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