Gain fresh inSights with Colourful Trash

This Flower Power workshop is tailored for program managers seeking engaging, eco-conscious crafting experiences for their constituents. Designed to accommodate participants of all ages, but not suited if there are no electricity sockets or people struggling with dexterity. This workshop spans either one or two sessions, each lasting 2 hours and providing all necessary materials.

With each petal I craft, I honor the beauty within and without,
nurturing renewal and sustainability.

Cultivating Consciousness

The workshop integrates a conscious theme of upcycling, introduced through a guided meditation at the start of each session. This segment prompts reflection on the significance of repurposing materials and minimizing waste. Throughout the workshop, participants explore the intersection of creativity and sustainability, fostering a deeper environmental connection.

Crafting with Precision

Participants use acrylic paint, toilet rolls and bamboo skewers to craft exquisite flowers, employing techniques such as painting, cutting, and folding. The workshop is accessible to all skill levels and accommodates individuals with limited strength, hearing, or language abilities, however dexterity is required due to cutting the cardboard as well as working with glue guns. Step-by-step guidance ensures a supportive atmosphere where creativity flourishes.

Yielding Blossoms

Upon completion, participants depart with vibrant floral arrangements suitable for personal display or collective presentation. These creations serve as both aesthetically pleasing decorations and tangible reminders of the enriching workshop experience. By embracing upcycling and nurturing creativity, attendees depart with a sense of achievement and a renewed appreciation for mindful crafting. Consider booking the Flower Power workshop to cultivate eco-conscious creativity within your program.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS27
Conscious theme: Recycle
Paint, cut and fold
Flowers to put in a vase together or take home
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Type of workshop:
larger groups possible
single session option
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