Let it Go, Let it fLow, Let it Blow…

The Floral Flow Workshop is a gateway to the beautiful interplay of art and emotion, offering a supportive space for participants to embark on their unique journeys of letting go. Like petals swaying in a tranquil meadow, this workshop extends its warm welcome to a diverse range of participants, each with their unique experiences and emotional readiness.

At Conscious Crafting we understand that participants come to us with different needs and emotional readiness. That’s why we offer two distinct versions of this workshop – the “Light Breeze” and the “Deep Current.” The version chosen for each group will be pre-defined based on their unique requirements. The choice is clear: for some, we gently guide them through the process with the “Light Breeze,” while for others, we offer a more immersive experience with the “Deep Current.”

Light Breeze – Nurturing Transitions

In the “Light Breeze” version, participants will explore the gentle side of letting go, focusing on everyday transitions and the lighter aspects of release. This version is ideal for those seeking a creative outlet, offering a space for a therapeutic release. The guided meditation in this version lightly sets the tone, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. The topics of conversation and the meditation are centered around everyday life changes, making it suitable for those who are in the process of healing.

Deep Current – Navigating Profound Emotions

In the “Deep Current” version, we wade into the profound waves of emotions, exploring grief, and the profound losses that weigh on our hearts. This immersive experience is perfect for those ready to delve deeper into their feelings, seeking self-awareness and healing. The guided meditation is more extensive, inviting participants to explore the roots of their emotions. The topics of conversation and meditation in this version are tailored to provoke self-reflection, making it ideal for those ready to confront deeper emotions.

Liquid Emotions

In both versions of the workshop, the journey begins with a guided meditation. In the “Light Breeze,” the meditation lightly sets the tone, creating a calming atmosphere. In the “Deep Current,” the meditation is an immersive experience, guiding participants to explore the roots of their emotions. The topics of conversation differ, tailored to the chosen version, ensuring that participants engage in discussions that resonate with their unique experiences.

Artful Ebb and flow

Participants in both versions will venture into the world of watercolours and a permanent roller pen, encapsulating their experiences of letting go. Our Conscious Crafting approach assures participants that artistic expertise isn’t the goal; it’s the journey of expression. The technique remains the same in both versions, offering a therapeutic release for all.

framing feelings

By the conclusion of each version, participants will have crafted a piece of art reflective of their personal journey of release. The artwork serves as a tangible reminder of their experience and the art of letting go, whether in the “Light Breeze” or the “Deep Current.” Each piece is a testament to their unique path, resilience and the beauty of embracing change.
So, embarking on the Floral Flow Workshop, know that you are in the right place to explore and embrace the journey of letting go, in a way that best suits the unique needs and experiences of your group.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS12
Conscious theme: grief / letting go
watercolour with line drawing
picture to frame or keep
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Type of workshop:
easy going
deep self-reflection
larger groups possible
treats for retreat
Suited for:
kids (9+)
bed ridden
limited dexterity