Leafing Through Nature’s Resilient Rhythms

The Fern Believer Workshop is for those who feel the pull of nature’s ever-renewing cycle, blending art with the timeless dance of ferns and the green hues of life. Over two 2-hour sessions, we delve into the beauty of ferns and the calming essence of green, providing all the materials you need for a soothing creative journey.

I am a vibrant tapestry, interwoven with the renewing energy of green,
harmonizing balance, growth, and resilience
in the rhythmic dance of life’s cycles.

The Eternal Green Whisper

We start each session with a guided meditation, immersing ourselves in the gentle embrace of nature’s vitality and the eternal rhythm of ferns. Throughout our time together, we’ll weave this theme into our activities, giving you moments to reflect and share your insights with others.

The Rhythm of fern

In the first session, you’ll discover the simple joy of using fern leaves and watercolour to create beautiful imprints on paper. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, our emphasis is on personal exploration rather than perfection. We’ll guide you gently, encouraging you to infuse your creations with your own unique perspective and creativity.

Nature’s Keepsake

In our second session, we’ll repurpose these beautiful watercolour fern art as covers for lined notebooks, transforming the artwork into practical yet enchanting keepsakes infused with the serene essence of nature. Let your group explore the beauty of ferns, the calming power of green and the timeless rhythms of renewal in our Fern Believer workshop.

Workshop info

Workshop code: FS05
Conscious theme: Rejuvenation / rebirth
Watercolour print for the cover
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Type of workshop
easy going
connected to local area
natural material
recycled materials
single session option
larger groups possible
retreat add-ons
Suited for
kids (9+)
teens & young adults
bed ridden
limited dexterity
limited strength
limited hearing
limited language
limited conceptual skills
mental health challenges



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