Connect to your Roots

This engaging and introspective workshop, Element Earth, is part of the four elements workshops which also comprises air, water and fire. This workshop offers a refreshing twist for those seeking a unique experience that combines self-reflection, gratitude, and creativity. Over the span of one or two immersive sessions, participants will reflect on ancestry and roots and what meaning the hold personally. We will then create reliefs in air dry clay to craft a meaningful mosaic of clay tiles.

Digging a little deeper

Rooted in the conscious theme of “Roots,” this workshop invites you to embark on a journey of your own memory, knowledge and gratitude. Immerse yourself in a guided meditation at the beginning of each session, allowing you to explore the depths of your ancestral heritage and pay homage to those who came before you. Through journaling and optional sharing, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on the significance of your roots and deepen your connection with them.

Getting your hands dirty

During this transformative workshop, you’ll explore the medium of air dried clay creating reliefs and patterns. Clay reliefs are an ancient technique that beautifully blends creativity and symbolism, however is easy to achieve. Our experienced facilitators will guide you, step by step, through the process, empowering you to embellish your artwork with your personal touch. As you stamp and shape, let gratitude for your ancestors and the wisdom they imparted inspire your every movement.

Ancestral Symbolic Mosaik

By the workshop’s conclusion, you’ll have a captivating mosaic composed of air dry clay tiles — an artistic masterpiece that honours your ancestral roots. This unique artwork will serve as a tangible reminder of the skills you’ve acquired and the meaningful experience you’ve had throughout the workshop. When you look at your mosaic it will hopefully fill you with gratitude for the past and motivation for the future.

Workshop info

Workshop code: FE03
Conscious theme: roots and ancestry
making patterns and symbols in clay
mosaic of air dry clay tiles
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easy going,
Type of workshop:
easy going
deep self-reflection
retreat add-ons
Suited for:
teens & young adults
bed ridden
limited dexterity
limited strength


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