You are as Unique as each Leaf on a Tree

The leaves workshop addresses the connection one has with their community or their family, or possibly being uprooted or feeling disconnected of the community in any way or form. It aims to touch or work through trauma with regards to this  displacement or having to leave, or not being able to fit in existing communities and structures.

Community is much more than belonging to something, it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.

It has to be noted that the facilitator is not acting as therapist. Guidance and support is given if need be. It can be seen as a workshop that reconnects, reunites, and honours the ancestral lineage and connections and celebrates the gratitude towards good relationships within that community or family tree. Most senses are involved as visuals and music bring the experience to another level.

Reconnected to Society and Community

As the theme lends itself to the participant to process emotions around belonging, this workshop could suit a variety of vulnerable members of society, from troubled teens to emigrants and refugees. The emphasis is on building new connections and giving a sense of belonging and connection while working on the projects. This workshop could be suited to people who don’t speak English and the amount of verbal information can be minimised if need be.

Greeting Cards

After the first session a large tree collage of individual leaves is the joint end result. In our end project in the second session we will be creating cards; A5 folded to A6 (standard envelope size) that can contain a message written during the workshop or be used in future for messages of celebration or compassion to loved ones.

Printing, Rubbing & Stamping

The techniques that we are using are printing, rubbing and stamping leaves. We will use all varieties of leaves and their colouring, their unique shapes, their differences, and with that, being reminded of our own uniqueness within our bigger community.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS05
Conscious theme:community
stamping, splatter and print
team artwork & cards
Sessions: single session / 2 sessions
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Max participants:
10 (contact us for more)
easy going


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