Treasured Memories

As the year draws to a close and the festive season brings families together, it’s a poignant time to reflect on the special times of the past year and the moments that have become cherished memories. Amidst the glitter and indulgence, we create a mindful space to appreciate the beautiful events big and small, embracing the metaphor of oyster shells as treasures that hold the beauty of our experiences.

In the season of giving, the greatest treasures are the moments we pause to appreciate the people and memories of the year drawing to an end.

Celebrating Christmas

This workshop welcomes older kids, teens and adults, creating an inclusive space for individuals from diverse cultural or religious backgrounds. While basic conversational English is beneficial, the journal and  reflections can be expressed in any language, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable sharing their unique perspectives and memories. The participants should be comfortable working with glue guns, therefore not suited to those with limited dexterity.

Beach house-Style Decorations

In our first session, we will craft Christmas tree decorations using the metaphorical treasures of oyster shells. With an array of materials like ribbon, beads, string, and napkins and employing techniques such as decoupage and tools like glue guns, we will create not just ornaments but tangible representations of the memories we hold dear. In our second session, we’ll extend the crafting journey to create table settings that embody the spirit of new memories. Using oyster shells as the focal point, participants will craft miniature trees, napkin holders or personalized names for table settings. This session provides an opportunity to explore fresh ideas and symbols that represent the creation of new memories during the holiday season and uses similar tools and techniques as the first session.

Remember and Cherish

This crafting experience, while accessible to various skill levels, goes beyond the act of creating decorations. It serves as a therapeutic journey, connecting with the mental health theme of memories, both past and present. The treasures we craft become symbols of the joy found in the simplicity of creating and embracing the beauty of our shared experiences.

Workshop info

Workshop code: YE08
Conscious theme: memories
glue, decoupage, crafting
tree decorations & table decor
Sessions: single session / 2 sessions
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Max participants:
10 (contact us for more)
natural material, recycled material, seasonal, not suitable for limited dexterity


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