Beyond the Blues

This workshop, Beyond the Blues, is designed for individuals ranging from teens & young adults to adults seeking self-development, and everyone in between. Tailored to cater to a diverse audience, including those with limited dexterity and language barriers, this session is particularly aimed at those keen on exploring acceptance through art. The workshop consists of two main sessions in which participants will experiment with patterns and folding methods and subsequently create a t-shirt using their chosen pattern. For those pressed for time, we also offer a condensed single session that focuses directly on creating a shibori-patterned t-shirt. Each session is 2 hours, and all materials are provided.

I am in harmony with the patterns of life, finding peace in the ebb and flow
and embracing the infinite possibilities that lie within me.

Dive Deep, Rise Blue

The workshop will incorporate a conscious theme of acceptance, setting the ambiance through a guided meditation at the beginning of each session. This contemplative setting allows participants to delve deep into the theme of acceptance, aligning it with the very nature of shibori dyeing — each fold, each pattern, and each outcome, unpredictable yet beautiful. As the sessions culminate, participants will have the opportunity to journal their reflections on this theme, with an optional sharing segment for those willing to express their journey verbally.

Unfold, Dye, Surprise!

In the workshop, participants will master the art of using white scrap fabric, t-shirts, blue fabric dye, and elastic bands to achieve the intricate designs of shibori dyeing. Although no prior creative experience is required, Conscious Crafting workshops are built to nurture and elevate innate creativity. Participants are not bound by the constraints of a traditional art class; instead, they’re guided gently through each step, leaving ample room for individual interpretation and flair.

Crafting Waves of Acceptance

By the workshop’s conclusion, each participant will be the proud creator of a blue tie-dye t-shirt. This isn’t just a t-shirt; it’s a tangible reminder of their artistic journey and an embodiment of the workshop’s core theme: acceptance. Every time they wear or look at their creation, participants will be reminded of the harmony in life’s patterns and the endless possibilities within them, resonating with the positive affirmation, “I am in harmony with the patterns of life, finding peace in the ebb and flow, and embracing the infinite possibilities that lie within me.”

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Workshop code: FS07
Conscious theme: acceptance
shibhori dying
blue tie-dye t-shirt
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