Work experience opportunity for Ty Students in Waterford City

Calling Waterford City TY students interested in social work, art, event management and marketing. Join us at Conscious Crafting in Johns Park, Waterford, or bring a friend if you like (we have space for 2 people max), for a hands-on experience supporting mental wellbeing in a creative way.

The role for TY Students

Working either with founder Suzan McCreadie in preparing workshops or with one of our facilitators in a hands on workshop, your work could include some or all of the following:

  • assist facilitators at local workshops
  • sort, clean or prep material for workshops
  • create workshop examples and test out new art or craft techniques
  • use social media to make people aware of what we do or what we need

Mostly, we would like to use your unique skills to promote wellbeing sustainability and creativity in our community.

Special Events and Needs

Crucial support needed for events and larger group sessions, amplifying our impact on mental health awareness. Those with special needs may require some extra support with their projects and event always need support with all aspects involved.

Personal Growth and feedback

Experience personal growth through mindful practices, crafting and community service. Your feedback is valued to enhance the workshop and product experience. Fill out the TY application form below if you are interest, and we are looking forward to join us!