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Hi! Thank you for helping us! We want to know which one of our selection of conscious crafting – that’s being creative while working on your mental health – workshops would interest you the most. Your input is super important to us because we want to create a program for the TY year to propose to schools. This way, we know we get it right!

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Take a moment to explore the possibilities below.

Check out the options below, pick the ones that really catch your eye. rate how much they interest you between 1 to 5. 1 being not interested 5 very interested in doing the workshop.‌

Zentangles, where you'll draw intricate patterns. Unleash your creativity and discover the joy of doodling with just a pen on paper. In our final activity, you'll create a simple landscape or seascape using basic lines, with the option to add color for extra depth. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/zentangles-workshop/

Craft vision boards to bring your dreams to life. Write down your dreams and get support from friends and family to make them happen. In the first session, you create mini collages representing different life aspects. The second session involves writing about these pictures and talk about them with others, You can use a journal or just some blank paper for this. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/manifeast-workshop/

Begin with a mindful meditation on upcycling, reflecting on the importance of waste reduction. Explore creativity by transforming recycled materials into stunning floral art pieces. The Exquisite Flower Crafting Workshop invites you to create stunning flowers using acrylic paint, toilet rolls, and bamboo skewers, utilizing techniques like painting, cutting, and folding. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/flower-power-workshop/

Immerse yourself in an art-making and personal development journey. Create star patterns to blend artistic expression with inner growth. In the Star Patterns and Self-Reflection workshop, you will first create star patterns using glue and salt, symbolizing both perfection and imperfection. A guided meditation prompts contemplation on personal perspectives of perfection and emphasizing the beauty of individuality. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/pure-perfection-white-workshop/

Start a fun and meaningful art project in two parts. You'll explore creativity and express yourself. First, cover a plate with colorful crayons to show happiness, then paint the plate black to show tough times, but scratch away the black to find bright colours underneath, showing good things coming from hard times. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/rainbow-lining-black-workshop/

Begin with a meditation on teamwork called Collaborate and Thrive. Think about how everyone works together like bees in a hive. Write in your journal about your role in the group. Then, in the Buzzing with Creativity workshop try Gelli plate printing and collage. Use paper, paint, Gelli plates, and bee-themed stencils. Make art that shows your ideas. Finally, put all the artwork together like a honeycomb. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/our-beehive-workshop/

Learn to create vibrant boho rainbow dreamcatchers. celebrating diversity and uniqueness. Tailored for teens, neurodiverse, immigrants, and LGBTQ individuals, it's a workshop of inclusivity and creativity. You will craft dreamcatchers using wire for the ring and strands of wool, scrap fabric, and macrame feathers. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/happy-hippy-workshop/

Mix art with taking care of the environment. Use old stuff to make art and teach others about saving coral reefs. Help make the world better for the future. In Sustainable Artistry in Action, teens use old foam, coffee capsules, and cardboard to make detailed coral shapes in a way that's good for the Earth. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/coral-craft-workshop/

Explore mixed media art, boosting creativity and confidence with positive affirmations. Craft unique affirmation cards that inspire and uplift. leaving you with a sense of empowerment. You start with monoprinting, creating unique prints using a printing plate and painting techniques. In the second session, positive affirmations inspire mini collages. In the end you will go home with 16 affirmation cards. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/packed-with-positivity-workshop/

Experience the power of music as you craft with recycled materials, drawing inspiration from your favorite playlists. It's a harmonious journey of self-expression and creativity. In Colourful Tunes, you will explore crayons and watercolours, employing techniques such as wax resist and blending. At the end participants will have crafted their very own speakers. More info https://conscious-crafting.com/sing-my-own-song-workshop/

Explore the intersection of creativity and personal boundaries, create a meaningful end project while reflecting on individual growth and boundaries. You will weave bowls using denim and paper cup strips in a gentle, inclusive workshop suitable for all skill levels.

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