Layered Love

This Heart Chakra workshop aims to guide participants through deep self-reflection and creative expression centered around the Heart Chakra symbol. It forms part of the Chakra Art series and is followed by the Throat Chakra workshop.

I am open to giving and receiving love.
My heart is filled with compassion, kindness, and forgiveness.

Exploring Inner harMony

The workshop will incorporate a conscious theme of love and compassion, which will be introduced through a special guided meditation at the start of each session. Participants will be invited to connect with the symbolism of the Heart Chakra, exploring its themes of emotional balance and inner harmony. Throughout the sessions, soothing chakra healing music will create a supportive atmosphere, enhancing the meditative experience. Additionally, a specially curated chakra healing oil blend will be diffused in the room, further aiding participants’ emotional exploration.

Unveiling Artistic Techniques

In the workshop, participants will learn how to create the Heart Chakra symbol using gelli print printing techniques. They will use masks and layers in shades of green to symbolize growth, renewal, and balance—key attributes of the Heart Chakra. This workshop welcomes individuals with no prior artistic experience, providing step-by-step guidance to ensure everyone can engage fully in the creative process. Participants are encouraged to infuse their artwork with personal insights and interpretations, making each piece uniquely their own.

Culminating in Personal Artistry

By the end of the workshop, participants will have crafted a distinctive piece of Chakra Art. This artwork serves not only as a tangible representation of their creative journey but also as a reminder of the profound introspection and emotional growth experienced throughout the workshop. Participants will leave with a deeper connection to themselves and their emotions, equipped with tools to continue their exploration through access to a curated playlist and guided meditation. They will also receive a small gemstone, symbolizing their journey of self-discovery.

Workshop info

Code: CH04
love and being loved
belliprinting with masks and stencils
heart Chakra symbol on canvas
Fee: click here for pricing
Type of workshop:
deep self-reflection
retreat add-ons
Suited for:
limited strength
limited hearing
mental health challenges


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