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Teach a fish to fly

This creative and engaging session is designed for kids, teens, and individuals with diverse abilities. Our goal is to inspire participants to explore their unique talents and unleash their creativity as they craft delightful paper mache birds and fish using recycled materials. Through guided meditation and journal reflection, we’ll dive into the theme of “Talents & Limitations,” creating a nurturing space for empowerment and inspiration.

I embrace my unique talents and limitations, knowing that both contribute to my journey of growth and self-discovery.

Techniques such as knotting, wrapping, and tying will be taught, enabling participants to transform scrap fabric and mason jar lids into vibrant sunflowers, which will then adorn a unique wreath made from repurposed materials. The workshop emphasizes environmental consciousness and creative expression, offering an opportunity for participants to engage in sustainable crafting practices while fostering their creativity.

Unique Brilliance

Let imaginations soar as we ignite the spark of creativity in each participant. Through a guided meditation, we’ll encourage them to connect with their individual talents and skills, igniting the fire within their creative souls. As they delve into the art of paper mache, they’ll infuse their creations with the essence of their own brilliance. Our supportive environment will empower participants to explore and celebrate their distinctive abilities, fostering a sense of self-discovery and pride.

A personal touch

Our experienced facilitators will be their artistic guides, leading them step-by-step through the process of both sessions. Using recycled newspapers and paint, they’ll shape cute birds and fish, tapping into their crafty talents and letting their creativity take flight. Personalization is encouraged, ensuring that each artwork becomes a unique reflection of the participant’s imagination and style.

Embrace the Journey

In our supportive and nurturing workshop environment, we celebrate individuality and uniqueness. We encourage participants to embrace their talents and limitations, seeing them as stepping stones in their self-awareness. The process of crafting paper mache birds and fish becomes more than just art – it becomes a meaningful exploration of self-expression, leaving each participant with a tangible reminder of their creative brilliance.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS15
Conscious theme: creativity
Origami bird or fish
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Type of workshop:
deep self-reflection
Suited for:
kids (9+)


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