The “Message in a Bottle” workshop is a unique offering designed to appeal to participants of varied ages and backgrounds. Through this workshop, we invite everyone to tap into the beauty and mysteries of our world, transforming reflections into tangible art. The journey can be experienced across two 2-hour sessions or a condensed single session, catering to your budget and time. All required materials are provided, ensuring a seamless crafting journey.

I embrace the beauty and abundance of our world, channeling its wonders into a message of hope, connection and gratitude.

Riding the Waves of Reflection

The workshop incorporates a resonant theme: “Sharing the wonders of the world.” This consciousness is ushered into the room through a grounding guided meditation at the onset of each session. Envisioned through this meditation is the beauty and vastness of our world, inviting participants to pen their reflections to a stranger, someone untouched by our known world. As the sessions unfold, participants are urged to deeply reflect, journaling their sentiments and optionally sharing their revelations towards the session’s culmination.

Unearthing Treasures of Creativity

Participants will have the opportunity to craft with recycled materials such as glass bottles and incorporate natural elements like sand and shells. They will master the nuances of crafting and the delicate art of written expression. Emphasizing that this isn’t a quintessential art class, the Conscious Crafting workshops are tailored for individuals irrespective of their creative background. We advocate for a positive outlook towards everyone’s work, gently guiding through each step while simultaneously encouraging a personalized touch, inspired by individual insights.

Bottling the Horizon

Upon concluding the workshop, each participant will leave with a decorated bottle housing their reflective letter inside. This creation is more than mere art – it’s a vessel of introspection, hope, and connection. It stands as a tactile memoir of their experience, prompting them to always embrace the beauty and abundance of our world, channeling its wonders into enduring messages of hope, connection, and gratitude.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS16
Conscious theme: relationships
wall hanging
Sessions: single session / 2 sessions
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Max participants:
10 (contact us for more)
easy going


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