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“Intertwined” offers a transformative journey for participants of all backgrounds, inviting exploration into the complexities of relationships through the creative medium of macramé. Across two enriching sessions, each spanning two hours, attendees will craft a macramé project symbolizing the diverse connections in their lives while reflecting on their interwoven significance.

My relationships are meaningful and interconnected, weaving a tapestry of growing, understanding and love.

Threads of Connection

The workshop will incorporate a conscious theme of Relationships, which will be woven into the space with a guided meditation at the beginning of each session. Through this meditation, participants will center themselves and contemplate the significance of the relationships they will represent in their macramé project.

Crafting Connections

In the workshop, participants will learn how to use recycled materials to create a macramé piece. Techniques such as knot tying and pattern creation will be taught step-by-step, ensuring that everyone can participate regardless of prior experience. This is not just an art class; it’s an opportunity for personal expression and exploration of meaningful connections.

Tapestry of Reflection

At the end of the workshop, participants will have created a unique macramé piece symbolizing their relationships. This artwork serves not only as a tangible reminder of the workshop experience but also as a reflection of the meaningful connections in their lives. Through journaling and optional sharing, participants will have the chance to reflect on their creation and the conscious theme of Relationships, fostering deeper introspection and appreciation for the bonds they’ve explored. Join us on this transformative journey as we intertwine the threads of our lives into a beautiful tapestry of relationships.

Workshop info

Workshop code: WS16
Conscious theme: relationships
wall hanging
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Type of workshop:
deep self-reflection
recycled materials
retreat add-ons
Suited for:
adult / kid bonding
bed ridden


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