Creative Quality Time between Parent and Child

The workshop “Fun and Games” for parent and child is specifically designed to have an equally creative experience together. Even when the parent is not feeling very comfortable with painting and drawing, this workshop will help to create a deeper, interactive connection between parent and child. All senses are involved as visuals, smell and music are added to inspire and bring the experience to another level.

In daily life, parents and guardians often play the role of either provider, caretaker, leader or mentor. In this particular workshop, there is a balance between parent and child in what they bring to the creative process. In the end, they create an art piece that both parent and child are equally proud of. The end result is not just a reminder of the quality time spent together, but also something that is visually enjoyable to look at and even useful!

Primary school Child with one Adult

Please note the workshop is specifically for one caregiver be it a parent, grandparent or au pair. No creative skills are needed and all guidance and materials will be provided. Children between the ages of six and twelve years old are welcome. It will be up to the parent to judge if their child is well-suited. A very boisterous six year old might not be happy to sit still this long and a very independent twelve year old might not want to be this strictly guided.

Memory Game or Birthday Calendar

Pieces of art are nice, but if we are lucky they end up in the recycling after a while on the fridge and if unlucky, straight into the bin. The joy of being able to make something you can actually use will add to the sense of achievement as well as keep the memory alive of the crafty morning spent together. This workshop offers a choice between two different projects even though we will use the same techniques in creating them. The first option is a memory game and depending on the confidence of the team this can be a big and difficult game or a fairly simple one. The second option is a birthday calendar with space to write names of friends and family members so they are not forgotten in years to come. Of course either of them can be a present as well and creating it with a special person in mind might bring out new new ideas.

Marble & Doodle

We will be using a marbling technique, milk prints, which means there is very little control over the process and there will be a big element of surprise and exploring of colours. After that we will support the parents with a small amount of drawing; very simple, childlike drawings. There will be examples of how to draw those doodles. The child will be colouring them in.